Lead Generation Trends for 2018


Talking about Lead Generation… New fresh leads are the lifeblood of any industry, right?

If you have a look at the super successful list owners, you will see that they aren’t just relying on traffic sources from within the industry, but also doing their own lead generation methods to bring in new people that haven’t already been exposed to multiple offers and overwhelmed by millions of tempting offers hitting their inboxes to the point of them just hitting spam for everything that looks remotely salesy.

So what approach should you take? I mean… there are so many options available to get eyes on your offer. Should you focus on content marketing, do full-on social marketing, throw lots at SEM or are there other options?

I thought I would save you some time and simplify it a bit – with some info about what is working in B2B lead generation for 2014. This is what we have seen, but we would love to see what is working for you too!

Social Media Lead Generation Top 5

#1 Social Media Lead Gen Spot: LinkedIn

#2 Social Media Lead Gen Spot: Facebook

#3 Social Media Lead Gen Spot: Google+

#4 Social Media Lead Gen: Twitter

#5 Social Media Lead Gen: Pinterest

Lead Generation ideas to think about for 2018

Live Events

We work primarily online, so it can be super comfortable to stay in your little home office – but there is huge power in getting to events. Engaging with people and putting a human face on your business… it sounds a bit lame, but getting photos taken with the event organizers and/or industry leaders can give you the great social proof for your product site and you really do get a chance to engage with customers in a way that beats social media hands down.

Email Marketing

Creating landing pages to grab people while they are curious. Meet a need, poke some pain points, whatever it takes for that audience… creating a page that makes them think and want then give it to them and market to them afterward in a follow-up series. What we are doing is creating multiple products in the same niche, finding out what people are really wanting and making it for them.

Survey Lead Capture

I came across this the other day that I want to try out. The idea was brought by the guys at Mind Movies, who are doing some brilliant things with surveys… in my ‘logical’ part of the brain, I would think that expecting people to fill out multiple fields, go over a bunch of steps etc might lower conversions, but… apparently, it works.

Using Demographical Information

It might sound basic, but finding out WHO you are targeting is pretty damn important – because once you work out who you are aiming at you can perfect the lead gen funnel. You can track this with the free Google Analytics tool – there are a bunch of other tools if you want to get further into narrowing it down, but GA is a great place to begin.

Training Classes/Small Courses

Creating small training courses for cross niches is a good way to bring in fresh leads too – for example, if you market primarily on Clickbank… creating a JVZoo or Udemy course could be beneficial to reach a new audience that you, didn’t have contact with before.
I plan to add to this article if some of you throw out some ideas on what is working for you to bring in new folks – so feel free to shoot some more ideas my way and I’ll add them in – so we can all benefit and work on bringing new folks into our world with fresh approaches to lead generation in 2018.

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